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Every community has agencies, individuals, churches and other organizations that are working hard to help children and families.  These groups have traditionally worked alone, following their own individual paths and meeting their own individual goals.  Sometimes services are directed by state agencies and decisions are made without firsthand knowledge of the unique needs of each community.
But in West Virginia, communities have found a new way to strengthen services and improve the lives of children and families. State government and local communities have recognized that by working together they can produce results that far exceed what any one person or agency could accomplish on their own.
Collaborative partnerships generate more resources, provide a pool of talented and inspired people, and allow the opportunity for shared knowledge.  When individuals and groups work side-by-side, they have the capacity to ensure that services are not being duplicated and that no family or child falls through the cracks.
The power of partnerships has been given to West Virginia's communities through the Family Resource Network.
A Family Resource Network (FRN) is community members, service providers and families who are consumers of services who work together to better meet the needs of children and families in the local area.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Raleigh County FRN is to support families and communities to attain their highest possible quality of life.  We shall achieve this through unified community planning, coordinating, and evaluation resulting in positive changes in services delivery systems.