CHIP: The West Virginia Children’s Health Insurance Program

Individuals must be under the age of 19.  The parents' employers do not offer health insurance for children, or the family has access to employer-sponsored insurence, but the cost of family coverage is greater than 10% of its gross income, or the insurance is very limited.  Income Guidelines:  The child's family income can be as much as $25,000 for a family of four.  If the family's income is slightly over the limit, they should still apply becuase some expenses like child care are subtracted from their income.  These guidelines are subject to change after this legislature session.  Call and inquire if in doubt, your child probably qualifies.

WV CHIPS covers the full range of health care services:  Doctor's office visits, checks ups, immunizations, prescriptions, mental health services, vision and dental services, hospital admissions, including outpatient and emergency services.

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